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Issue No. 23 | Fall 2016

The Party We Need

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The United States are today certainly the most important and interesting of all civilized countries. Not England, but America, shows us our future today, so far as any country can show another’s future, considering that every country has its own peculiar development. Capitalism makes its greatest progress in America. There it reigns with the most unlimited brutality and carries the class antagonisms to a climax …

The future which America shows us would be very cheerless if it did not reveal at the same time a growth of the Socialist movement. Nowhere are all the means of political power so shamelessly purchasable as in America: administration, popular representation, courts, police and press; nowhere are they so directly dependent on the great capitalists. And nowhere is it more apparent than there that a proletariat with a Socialist conscience is the only means of saving the nation.

— Karl Kautsky, “Socialist Agitation Among Farmers in America” (1902)

Election Day Blues

What would we have to do to make sure our Election Day choices in 2036 aren’t as miserable as they are in 2016?

It Takes a Factory

With lofty promises, the Clinton Foundation helped found an industrial park in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Photographer Robert Shook traveled there to document how things went terribly wrong.

Nobody for Bloomberg

Bernie would have won and nobody wants Bloomberg. Elites may disagree, but American voters aren’t looking for “sensible” centrist candidates.